Codependency Counseling

Teaching for those who struggle in co-dependent relationships. This equips them with a sense of self and a new outlook on life at work and home. It provides information and avenues for a healthy way of living in work and home relationships.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is based on trust and the ability to communicate with openness, based on the calling God has on each spouse’s life. Marriages thrive mostly when couples pray together, laugh together, make love together, play together, and help each other be who God created the other to be.

So many times I counsel couples who come in with their sense of trust hindered. It is many times severed, but not without hope.

You Are Forgiven!


Are you struggling with something and are tired of looking for solutions on your own? Let our staff of counselors help guide you towards a successful path!

Our Specialties

Marriage and Family Counseling

Whatever problems you may face, we are here to listen and help guide you.

Individual Counseling

Tired of searching for the right path all alone? We’re here to help!

Group Seminars

Group motivation and coaching for your business or organization!

What our clients say

“My sexual abuse issues were handled with amazing care in group and for decades, the missing healing ingredient was Spirituality. Beth led me to freedom in my mind and Spirit. Another lady helped who suffered PTSD for years from Vietnam. Thank you Beth for helping our Vets!”

S. Reid | Coaching Client

“Your seminar today was awesome. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.”

Kim Waters | The Norton Agency

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