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“My sexual abuse issues were handled with amazing care…  Beth led me to freedom in my mind and Spirit. Another lady helped who suffered PTSD for years from Vietnam. Thank you, Beth, for helping our Vets!”

~ S. Reid

“I had been in therapy for close to 20 years and just wasn’t getting anywhere anymore. I had quit moving forward. My first appointment with Beth I felt at ease. She encouraged me down a path of balance.”

~ Kelly Allison

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Are you living or just existing? We are here to listen and be your support.


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Tips on How to Resolve Anger from a Christian Perspective

Anger is a normal human emotion, but when not dealt with properly, it can quickly lead to a loss of self-control. Let God show you how to resolve anger in a Christian way with these suggestions shared by our Gainesville counseling services staff. Recognize the Signs...

Tips on How to Resolve Conflict with a Christian Focus

Do you think disagreements are a sign of a troubled relationship? Every one of us is unique, so conflict is inevitable. How you handle slights, hurt feelings and clashing opinions is what makes the difference. Learn to resolve conflicts using a Christian focus with...

Tips on How to Set Boundaries to Help You Thrive in Life

Do you think you need to be all things to all the people in your life? When you say "yes" to everything and keep your feelings bottled up inside, it's a quick route to stress and resentment. Use these suggestions from our Gainesville counseling services staff to...

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