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Pain Shared is Pain Divided

“My sexual abuse issues were handled with amazing care…  Beth led me to freedom in my mind and Spirit. Another lady helped who suffered PTSD for years from Vietnam. Thank you, Beth, for helping our Vets!”

~ S. Reid

“I had been in therapy for close to 20 years and just wasn’t getting anywhere anymore. I had quit moving forward. My first appointment with Beth I felt at ease. She encouraged me down a path of balance.”

~ Kelly Allison

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Are you living or just existing? We are here to listen and be your support.


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The Christian Guide to Beating Anxiety

Do you believe stress is something to be avoided? Scientists say a moderate amount of stress is motivational and makes us mentally tougher. But if high levels of stress are interfering with your life, these tips from our Gainesville anxiety services will help you deal...

Lose the Baggage and Rebuild Your Christian Marriage

If there was a charge for emotional baggage like there is for airline baggage, what would be the fee for you and your spouse? Our Gainesville marriage counseling staff shares cost-free ways to eliminate the baggage weighing down your Christian marriage. Say "Hello"...

Rebuilding a Godly Marriage After the Trust Has Been Broken

Throughout the Bible, God urges us to practice forgiveness of our fellow man. The Lord's Prayer speaks of "as we forgive those who trespass against us." But how do you forgive a spouse when trust has been broken? Our Gainesville marriage counseling staff...

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