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Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching offers biblical and faith-based methods to help you learn how to think clearly and react quickly to a variety of stimuli with grace and understanding. Setting boundaries for yourself, your friends, family, coworkers, kids and others is an important part of maintaining a healthy mental space. But setting boundaries isn’t always easy.

When you need help building healthy relationships in the home, at work or school, or in other capacities, call Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching. We’ll teach you how to understand others’ boundaries, set your own and more. So call today, or reach out through the contact sheet below, to learn all about understanding, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Life Skills


Embarking on the journey of life skills coaching unveils a transformative process where you'll become attuned to your individual capabilities, encompassing both the realms of business and personal endeavors. 

We are here to help you glean and harness power in each area of your life, from budgeting, home care, self-care, navigating relationships and more. 

Our Coaching rooted in scriptural wisdom. God's intention wasn't for you to stumble through life struggling at every step. You were created to embrace love and partake in the splendor of His glory. Connect with us today and embark on the journey to mastering day to day life, under His guiding light.

Time Management


Our Time Management Coaching is designed to provide our clients with an indispensable skill: the art of prioritizing time. Within this transformative experience, you will embark on a comprehensive journey that empowers you to wield time as a potent tool for achieving your goals.

Our commitment is to guide you towards a profound understanding of time management strategies that are tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to navigate life's demands with finesse and purpose.

Whether you're aiming for professional success, personal growth, or a harmonious blend of both, we are here to help you master the art of time prioritization. 

What others have Experienced

Karen M.

Compassionate, caring, and wise. Elizabeth listens with heart, and gives sound ideas for life goals!"

Evan W.

"George is great and truly listens to and understands his clients. He's very compassionate and easy to get along with. I recommend George to anybody."

Amber O.

"I highly recommend going to see Beth! She is a great coach, and has helped my husband and I learn to better communicate by understanding each other's communication styles!"

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