Avenues of Life


 Christian Counseling

Let’s get to the place of faith and peacefulness.

There is one thing for certain… Our feelings always change!

I have had a few clients who shared with me their feelings of being distraught or deflated when a significant other repeated an offense toward them. My question to them was “had anything changed in their life?” By this I mean had anything been done differently than he previous week or month. Their answer was usually “No.” By looking at this we see our feelings change about what is and has happened in our lives. We have the power to change our thoughts, feelings and actions at anytime. Depending on the circumstances in our heart mind and soul we at times adjust our selves to theses circumstances.

I think we would all agree we are most comfortable in a place of faith and peacefulness. So how do we get to this place of faith and peacefulness?

By remaining true to ourselves, we remember who God made us to be. We remember the promises he made and fulfilled in the desert with Moses. Does our life sometimes not resemble the desert of Moses? There are times when we cannot get up off the floor or get out of the bed, but simply Lie still. It’s at this time, perhaps God is speaking most loudly. If only we can hear. Let’s dare to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and pommel forward in a sense of faith that has no other grounding but the foundation of Christ power. Where does this come from wing cannot describe. All I know is it comes when we cry out for it. God is faithful and will lead as we look for him.

This lack of faith creates a sense of doom and gloom. It is now when we have allowed our circumstances to overcome us.
Remember what you know and who you know. Remember what Christ has already done in your life.

He has stopped the winds in your storms before and he wants to do it again!!!