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Even Christians Can Get Depressed – Signs You May Need Help

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Do you believe feelings of depression and hopelessness are signs of weakness or lack of faith? Even the Son of God had moments of despair and anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane as he prepared to fulfill His Father’s Will.

As humans, we’re vulnerable to negative emotions from time to time no matter how strong our faith is. Our caring Gainesville counseling staff is ready to help if you experience these tell-tale signs of depression:

– You no longer find joy in favorite activities or close relationships.

– Dawn of a new day is a time of dread rather than anticipation.

– Instead of living in the present, your thoughts are occupied with regrets of the past or fear of the future.

– You see drastic swings in eating and sleeping patterns where you’re getting too much or not enough of either one.

– You feel lethargic and frequently prone to headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat and other physical symptoms.

– Family and friends express concern about your sadness and lack of interest.

– You’re less productive at work and in your personal responsibilities.

– You cry a lot and go through extended periods of feeling blue for no apparent reason.

– Life no longer seems to be worth the effort and you wish God would just take you out of this misery.

With our compassionate and experienced Gainesville counseling staff, you’re never alone. We can help you rediscover the zest for life that God intends for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.