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God Does Has a Design for a Successful Marriage – Do You Know What It Is?

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We know God has blessed marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman. Many people seeking Gainesville marriage counseling mistakenly believe the sanctity of that union means an absence of conflict and challenges. Do you understand the nature of marriage as God intended?

Is There an Ideal Marriage?

We are imperfect creatures, so marriage is bound to have the same bumps in the road as single life. God created marriage to provide a supportive partnership where the two of you find fulfillment and purpose in Him, not each other.

Some people enter marriage as a means of becoming “complete” through their spouse. Only God completes us, and putting such weighty expectations on another person ultimately causes the marriage to collapse.

Reaching Beyond Happiness

While God wants us to be happy, personal satisfaction is only part of a truly fulfilled life. Marriage is a celebration of God’s glory, a way to model His love and commitment to children and others.

If happiness is your primary goal, minor annoyances with your spouse will eventually distract you from God’s true purpose.

– Concentrate on your spouse’s good qualities, the ones that led you to fall in love.

– Encourage and support your spouse, rather than just criticizing.

– Above all, pray for your spouse and demonstrate the principles of Christ.

Do you want to learn more about God’s design for marriage? Gainesville marriage counseling can help you view your partnership realistically and focus on glorifying God together.