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Is Your Anger Righteous Anger or Sinful Anger? How to Know.

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Do you allow anger to derail you from your focus on leading a spiritual life? After all, Jesus spoke of forgiveness and turning the other cheek. Our Gainesville counseling staff explains how righteous anger differs from sinful anger and where it fits into a life of purpose.

What Can We Learn from Anger?

God created anger just as He did with our other emotions, so He intended it to be part of our lives. Anger is mentioned by several Biblical voices such as Paul, James and Solomon, but none of them speak of anger as a feeling to be avoided or feared.

Actually, anger serves a valuable purpose as a sign that something in our life is out of balance. It may be a reaction to a perceived threat, feeling of guilt or anything that makes us feel helpless. The key is to control anger and choose to deal with the situation in a positive manner.

Anger vs. Wrath

Perhaps you’re concerned because wrath is considered one of the seven deadly sins. Once again, control is the distinguishing feature. Wrath is the outcome when you allow anger to build unchecked until it consumes you. At that point, wrath explodes into violence, usually as vengeance or retribution.

Take Charge of Your Anger

Don’t let anger control you. Our Gainesville counseling services include anger management education in which¬†our staff teaches you how to productively express and resolve feelings of anger.