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Living Mindfully – How Mindfulness and Prayer Works to Reduce Anxiety

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Despite all the high-tech conveniences that we enjoy today, life has actually become more stressful. Between family, work and other commitments, we feel obligated to give them all equal attention, creating a fast pace that’s impossible to keep up with.

The good news is God gave us valuable tools to help maintain focus and balance in life. Our Gainesville counseling staff shares some of the ways mindfulness and prayer reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduces “Paralysis by Analysis”

Do you find yourself overthinking problems to the point where you’re overwhelmed by options? Mindfulness allows you to focus on an issue and distinguish between what’s important and what’s irrelevant.

Promotes Objective Thinking

Many of us have knee-jerk emotional reactions to daily stress. When you use a mindful approach, you remove feelings from the equation and think more objectively.

Improves Cognitive Flexibility

For many people, change ranks high on the list of common stressors. Studies show mindfulness reduces reliance on past learning, which lets you be more receptive to new behaviors.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Anxiety can keep you awake at night, leaving you tired and more vulnerable to stress, thereby creating a vicious circle. In contrast, mindful meditation frees the mind and triggers the relaxation response so you sleep more soundly.

Don’t let stress and anxiety distract you from following the purpose God has given you. Our Gainesville counseling staff can help you learn how to use prayer and mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stay on God’s path. Contact us to schedule an appointment.