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Lose the Baggage and Rebuild Your Christian Marriage

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If there was a charge for emotional baggage like there is for airline baggage, what would be the fee for you and your spouse? Our Gainesville marriage counseling staff shares cost-free ways to eliminate the baggage weighing down your Christian marriage.

Say “Hello” and “Goodbye” with Feeling

Greetings and goodbyes may seem insignificant, but when they become automatic, it can be a sign of taking your spouse for granted. Something as simple as an affectionate “hello” or “goodbye” can go a long way toward reestablishing a loving atmosphere at home.

Seek to Praise, not Criticize

We may think criticism comes from a place of loving concern, but in reality it’s almost always hurtful. Resolve to go through one day giving your spouse praise only and no criticism. The positive feelings will take hold with both of you and continue to build until praise, not criticism, becomes second nature.

Focus on the Good Times

When you reflect on your marriage, which memories are most vivid? If hurts and resentments are what comes to mind, ask God’s help in choosing to remember the positive, loving moments and leaving negative feelings in the past.

Keep It Fun

Remember how light-hearted and romantic you were when you were dating? Come up with creative ways to make those moments a regular part of your marriage.

What Is God’s Design for Your Marriage?

Do you and your spouse need help rediscovering God’s plan for your marriage? Contact our Gainesville marriage counseling center for more information.