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Marriage Tips for Newly Recommitted Couples

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A lifelong relationship with a loving and committed partner is one of the more rewarding journeys you will take. But like all journeys, marriage has its share of curves and bumps along the way and some couples bail at the first sign of trouble.

As time goes on, the initial excitement of marriage gives way to everyday realities. Keep your relationship on track by recommitting to your spouse using these mindfulness tips from our Gainesville counseling staff.

Let Go of the Need to Be Right

How many times have you held on to a disagreement with your spouse simply because you had to be right? Admitting you’re wrong doesn’t demonstrate weakness. It’s a sign of strength to recognize that loving partners accept each other’s faults and imperfections.

Put Your Spouse First

Remember when you first fell in love and your partner’s happiness was your primary goal? You took vows “to love and to cherish,” but we sometimes end up taking our spouse for granted.

– Treat your partner with warmth rather than indifference.

– Really listen instead of letting your mind wander to your own concerns.

– Think of your spouse before yourself.

Be Independent

It may sound counterintuitive, but love is richer and stronger when it’s between two complete people who choose rather than need to be together. Clinginess and overreliance often breed contempt and disrespect.

Are you and your spouse struggling to stay on the path God intended? Contact our Gainesville counseling center to schedule an appointment.