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We are now offering tele-therapy through FaceTime or phone call to all who want to be seen during this time. God bless you.

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“My sexual abuse issues were handled with amazing care…  Beth led me to freedom in my mind and Spirit. Another lady helped who suffered PTSD for years from Vietnam. Thank you, Beth, for helping our Vets!”

~ S. Reid

“I had been in therapy for close to 20 years and just wasn’t getting anywhere anymore. I had quit moving forward. My first appointment with Beth I felt at ease. She encouraged me down a path of balance.”

~ Kelly Allison

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Elizabeth Evans

Life Coach

Are you living or just existing? We are here to listen and be your support.


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Why Would You Want a Christian “Life Coach”?

Why Would You Want a Christian “Life Coach”?

Coaches are invaluable in helping people such as athletes, singers and musicians make the most of their gifts. But isn't life the greatest gift we receive from God? Here are some important reasons why you would want a Christian life coach from our Gainesville...

Tips on How to Select a Christian Counselor

Tips on How to Select a Christian Counselor

We all need a helping hand at one time or another. If you're struggling with serious issues and considering assistance from Gainesville counseling services, the experience will be more meaningful if the counselor shares your values. Here are some tips to guide you in...

Tips on How to Deal with Anxiety from a Christian Perspective

Tips on How to Deal with Anxiety from a Christian Perspective

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree in their daily life. However, anxiety can become a serious and ongoing problem for some individuals. When you have panic attacks or feel that you need to avoid certain situations or places, anxiety can affect your quality of...

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