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Psychology Today: Tips for Deciding If You Need a Marriage Counselor

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A healthy, loving relationship includes a certain amount of quarrels and disagreements. How do you know when conflict has escalated to a level that seriously threatens your marriage? Psychology Today offers valuable ideas to consider when you seek the help of Gainesville counseling services.

Is the Timing Right?

If you find that disagreements are following a repeated pattern, don’t wait until the problems are so deeply entrenched that they’re beyond repair.

Can You Both Work with a Counselor?

Choose a counselor with whom you and your partner can feel comfortable enough to be open and honest. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential counselor questions that will help you assess the fit.

What Are Your Goals?

Every journey needs a destination. Knowing what you hope to accomplish gives the counseling process some direction. Don’t be surprised or concerned if you find that your goals shift along the way.

Are You Willing to Put in the Work?

A counselor is not a mechanic who can repair your marriage with a few new parts. It’s up to you and your partner to take ultimate responsibility for identifying problems and implementing solutions.

Will You Internalize Your Findings?

Don’t leave your insights behind at the counselor’s doorstep. Commit to practicing your newfound skills at home where it really counts.

Faith-Based Gainesville Counseling Services for Couples

The average couple struggles for more than six years before getting help. Our Gainesville counseling services are available for you now. Contact us for more information.