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We all go through struggles in our avenues of life; whether it be marital, codependency, addictions, fear, anxiety, depression, weight loss, loneliness, or a struggling relationship. “We meet you right where you are!”

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What others have Experienced

Mark S.

"Went to see Mrs. Evans regarding a behavioral/addiction issue. I just googled behavioral counseling and found her website . I was looking for a counselor that was Christian and would have that approach. Mrs Evans fit the bill perfectly. I have only just started but I am very encouraged by the start we have gotten off to. I would highly recommend her or any of her staff."

Christy L.

Beth always gives her undivided attention and truly listens to everything that is being said. She goes above and beyond what you would expect from a usual counseling session. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment to see Beth!"

Dustin T. 

"My wife and myself of 23 years were banging our heads against a wall our marriage was all that we knew but due to unresolved anger unforgiveness and extreme misunderstanding we were ready to throw in the towel, luckily we decided to get some counseling just to make sure our marriage couldn't be fixed, but thankfully it saved our marriage and was the best thing we did, Avenues of life saved us from ourselves."

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