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Marriage is based on trust and the ability to communicate with openness, while putting your spouse before your family and the world. Marriages thrive mostly when couples pray together, play together, make love together and help each other be who God created the other to be.

So many times I counsel couples who come in with their sense of trust hindered. It is many times severed, but not without hope. This break of trust is not primarily due to adultery but that of breaking the trusted circle God has so ordained as in Genesis 2:24.
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

God tells us 1 in 4 times to live in our marriage according to a three step method:

Step 1 Leave your mother and father
Step 2 Cleave to your spouse
Step 3 Two of you become one

This is not happening!

You may think… yea, my marriage is fine. We are doing that. NOT!
That’s right; the majority of marriages are breaking because one or both spouses have allowed family or their friends to enter into the confines of the marriage. This is a “no, no” because it only tears down the walls for the enemy to enter in. Oops.

It happens all the time. Have you shared with your family member the inner discussions and concerns of your spouse and/or children? Is one badgering, committing adultery or avoiding conversation? There is a reason…

Imagine a circle, much like your wedding band. In that circle are to be the confines of your marriage and anything coming in through speech, pictures or writing allows spiritual warfare to enter. Enter it will. The good news is…
God is victorious!!!

I have other clients come for coaching regarding their marriage or children, stating “we don’t know what is wrong.” They can’t figure it out. Within a few sessions we’ve evaluated the insertions of Uncle so-and-so and Grandma so-and-so, influencing one of the spouses. This speech allows for Satan to enter and destroy. I counsel and coach to keep marriages together and to rebuild trust by bringing that circle back into the safe place God intended it to be.

I equip my clients to a place of spiritual boldness and a way to live a married life with structures in place to fight off spiritual warfare. I’ve had more children come in feeling like one of their parents doesn’t care while living in the same household, because the parent may choose someone or something over them. It may be that they speak different love languages. What they don’t realize is there is a severing of a naturally ordained relationship, leaving the child and parent devastated. I’m here to set proper tools in place to recover the beauty of marriage and family back to its rightful place.

It tells us in Matthew 19:6,“Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.” Let no one in!

If you do, it leads to a struggling marriage built on shifting sand.
It is not just marriages that Satan is after, but the whole family. God has a plan to bring his people back to Himself one by one. Prayer is the primary factor and the understanding of the word of God as applied in session begins to teach and guide families back to the three steps of…
“Leaving, Cleaving and Becoming ONE”

Blessing to all families,
Elizabeth Evans

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