Elizabeth Evans

Pastoral Counselor, RN, Speaker, Coach, Author

Don’t let sadness, loneliness, or anxiety hold you back any longer. With Elizabeth’s guidance and the power of God’s amazing grace and forgiveness, you can find hope and answers in your avenue of life. 

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Elizabeth is not accepting new clients at this time, please use the link below to schedule with one of our other Counselors


Working with Elizabeth

Are you feeling weighed down by family issues that seem to have been passed down through generations? Elizabeth Evans, a Christian Counselor and Therapist, can help you break free from these chains and find the peace and freedom you deserve.

From deeply rooted anger and addictions to favoritism and jealousy, Elizabeth can help you and your family navigate through a wide range of challenges. Her approach includes Christian counseling and prayer, along with the power of the Holy Spirit, and she uses a variety of techniques such as cognitive-based therapy and solution-based therapy to help you achieve your goals.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Elizabeth is here to meet you right where you are. Whether you prefer in-person counseling or sessions via phone or the Facetime app, she will work with you to find the approach that works best for you.

I offer counseling and coaching to  Individuals and Couples 



Marriage & Family 

Sex Counseling

Money/Financial Counseling

Life Skills





Anger Management

Stress Management

"When I started seeing Mrs. Elizabeth I was in an extremely dark place, and my marriage was in trouble. This wonderful woman has helped me realize I’m more than just a mom and a wife. She has helped me realize I am worth something. No matter what I say: she doesn’t make me feel judged or scared. She truly does give you a safe place to just let the true feelings and struggles out. And the prayer before and after session just adds to it, and makes me feel at peace! So grateful for this wonderful woman."

Heather L.

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Elizabeth is not accepting new clients at this time, please use the link below to schedule with one of our other Counselors

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