Elizabeth Evans

George Evans

Counselor in Gainesville, GA

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everyday life issues? Do you struggle with anger, depression, or anxiety? You don’t have to let these emotions control your life any longer.

George Evans, a certified biblical counselor with Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching in Gainesville, GA, can help you find your purpose and regain control of your life.

George offers non-judgmental, spirit-based counseling that acknowledges everyone has a past that may not be perfect. By renewing our minds with an attitude of grace for ourselves, we can find happiness in being who we really are. Whether it’s dealing with your emotions in your personal relationships or finding direction in your journey, George is here to help.

Don’t wait any longer to start living the life you deserve. Let George guide you towards finding God’s plan for your life. Reach out today to begin your journey towards healing and purpose.



Individual Counseling

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Overcoming Anxiety
Coping with Depression
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