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Are you feeling overwhelmed with everyday life issues? Do you struggle with anger, depression, or anxiety? You don’t have to let these emotions control your life any longer. George Evans, a certified biblical counselor with Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching in Gainesville, GA, can help you find your purpose and regain control of your life.

George offers non-judgmental, spirit-based counseling that acknowledges everyone has a past that may not be perfect. By renewing our minds with an attitude of grace for ourselves, we can find happiness in being who we really are. Whether it’s dealing with your emotions in your personal relationships or finding direction in your journey, George is here to help.

I offer counseling and coaching to  Individuals and Couples 




Marriage & Family 

Special Needs 



Life Skills

Co-Dependency/ Boundaries

"I'm a young adult who recently got out of a mental hospital due to medicine changes for Bipolar type 1. I've been going to counseling since mid January of 2020. I've tried counseling before and it never seemed to help until I met George. I always look forward to my sessions because He listens to me, understands me, helps me with all my problems (( such as depression, anxiety, anger, relationships, and so much more)). I feel I can open up with anything and everything without being judged. George understands that my past had made me who I am today. Since I've been here, I've made multiple choices that have impacted my life for the better. There's no one I'd rather talk to than George! I HIGHLY recommend him! You won't be disappointed!!"

Ally M.

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