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Tips for Living with an Angry Spouse

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We all get upset from time to time, but some people are perpetually angry about perceived wrongdoings or unfairness. If this describes your partner, it can make everyday incidents a challenge. Defuse an angry spouse with these helpful tips from our Gainesville anger counseling staff.

Listen, Then Listen Some More

Anger is often a by-product of feeling ignored or misunderstood. If your spouse exhibits anger, listen to their story at least three times before offering a response. Ask questions as needed to ensure your full understanding. The simple act of listening without judgment goes a long way toward calming an angry person.

Be Empathetic

Instead of immediately focusing on right or wrong, look at the situation from your spouse’s perspective. Ask yourself if you would have the same response based on the same circumstances.

Provide Additional Information

Share your perspective along with other information that may help your spouse see the situation more clearly. This should be done only after you’ve listened fully and considered their point of view.

Admit Responsibility

Sometimes we hurt those closest to us without even realizing it. If you have wronged your spouse, even if it was unintentional, give a sincere apology and ask for forgiveness.

Are you and your spouse finding it harder to communicate in a loving and supportive way? Our Gainesville anger counseling center offers valuable assistance with conflict resolution and other skills to successfully maintain a faith-based marriage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.