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Tips on How to Resolve Conflict with a Christian Focus

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Do you think disagreements are a sign of a troubled relationship? Every one of us is unique, so conflict is inevitable. How you handle slights, hurt feelings and clashing opinions is what makes the difference.

Learn to resolve conflicts using a Christian focus with these helpful tips from our Gainesville counseling services.

Focus on Growth

People often approach conflict as a time to point out the other individual’s failings and shortcomings. Think of conflict as a win-win situation in which both of you and your relationship come out stronger and healthier.

Pray and Prepare

Author Ken Sande defines peacemakers as “people who breathe grace,” but he’s quick to point out that this quality doesn’t come naturally. Concentrate your energies on preparing for conflict resolution by using prayer to fill yourself with the love, mercy, strength and wisdom of Jesus Christ.

“Take the Log out of Your Own Eye”

There are always two sides to every problem. Before you blame others, take ownership of your own faults and recognize how you have contributed to the conflict.

Stay on Topic

Take time to define the specific conflict at hand and don’t get sidetracked airing unrelated grievances or arguing about past behaviors.

Schedule the Discussion

Strong relationships deserve undivided attention. Plan the discussion for a time when neither of you are feeling rushed, tired or distracted.

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