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Tips on How to Set Boundaries to Help You Thrive in Life

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Do you think you need to be all things to all the people in your life? When you say “yes” to everything and keep your feelings bottled up inside, it’s a quick route to stress and resentment. Use these suggestions from our Gainesville counseling services staff to create healthy boundaries that actually strengthen relationships.

Identify Your Limits

How much can you accept before you begin to feel anxious or uncomfortable? Identifying your trigger points makes it easier to recognize where your limits lie.

Be Honest and Upfront

Everyone has their own individual boundaries, so people may become confused by your behavior. Family and friends will usually be respectful of boundaries when you communicate them directly and honestly.

Give Yourself Permission

People often feel guilty or “bad” if they don’t fulfill everything asked of them. You are entitled to set boundaries that define your comfort zone, so let go of negative feelings by giving yourself permission.

Be Self-Aware

Setting boundaries is only part of the process. Limits have to be maintained as well. If you find yourself exceeding your boundaries, willingly or not, examine the situation to figure out why this is happening and what you can do to resolve it.

Take the First Step

Setting manageable limits doesn’t happen overnight. Start with a minor boundary and build on each success.

Our Gainesville counseling services provide experienced and caring support as you learn to establish personal boundaries. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.