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What is the Source of Anxiety and Why Is It So Debilitating?

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Moderate amounts of stress and anxiety are normal elements of life’s ups and downs. Anxiety reaches the level of a disorder when it becomes excessive and interferes with daily activities, requiring assistance from our Gainesville counseling services.

Here are some of the more common causes of anxiety and how it affects you both physically and mentally.

Primary Causes of Anxiety

• If members of your family suffer from anxiety, genetics increase the likelihood you will as well.

• Serious difficulties with relationships, jobs, finances and other personal situations may often lead to anxiety.

• While anxiety involves feelings and emotions, it can arise from medical conditions and manifest as a symptom of a disease or side effect of medication. Substance abuse or withdrawal may also trigger feelings of anxiety.

These causes are not necessarily independent of each other. Anxiety can develop due to any one or a combination of factors.

Identifying Symptoms of Anxiety

For a diagnosis of anxiety disorder, medical professionals look for one or more of the following symptoms:

• Fatigue and difficulty sleeping

• Irritability and restlessness

• Inability to concentrate

• Muscle tension

Medical and personal histories, a physical examination, and lab tests are all tools that may be used to confirm a diagnosis of anxiety disorder.

Control Anxiety with Gainesville Counseling Services

Don’t let anxiety rob you of a fulfilling life. Our counselors can help you discover God’s plan to free you of debilitating anxiety. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a caring and experienced member of our staff.