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So many times we are caught up in something and don’t know how to get set free. Now, you may be reading this right now and thinking, “I sure am!” You’re not alone! We are all struggling with being caught up in things we don’t want to be in throughout our life, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there.

Most of us don’t wake up in the morning and decide we are going to walk into a mine field of bad relationships in marriage and family, pornography, anger, over working, anxiety, depression, drinking, drugs, gossiping or even laziness. Honestly, most of us are just trying to enjoy life the best way we know how…for some its easier than others.

Are you dealing with high levels of stress?

If you are experiencing a high level of stress, it may be wise to lower your self expectations. I have recently learned a great lesson. I was experiencing pressure in the back of my head especially upon awakening and thought, “Hum, I didn’t get enough sleep or I slept wrong.” After many nights of this, I asked my Dr. of naturopath what was happening and she told me my immune system was a little low and I needed rest. For once, I listened and said to myself I would rest.

I had a problem, though, I didn’t know how to rest anymore.

I had forgotten how to decompress and relax. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had been marketing mine and my husbands business, counseling, family stuff, attending groups and meetings, mentoring colleagues leading a bible study and …. The list goes on. One big thing was missing… and that was me!

Where had I gone? So busy and enjoying life, going from one thing to another. Going to parties, dances, playing games and sports. I didn’t just figure it out immediately, like I said. I had to think about what I was and was not doing. I finally came to it. I came to the idea of slowing my mind, because, I was slowing down in my body by resting physically, but not mentally. I needed to rest my brain.

Slowing down was a very tough thing to do.

I had so many ideas and visions that I was seeing come into fruition. I just couldn’t slow down, because it was so interesting and productive. I was a productive junky. Oh no, what ever shall I do?

I had become caught up in thinking and following ideas until my head hurt. If there was an idea, I had to follow it. If there was a plan I had to complete it… and I did it well. But, it was hurting me, so I spent time deliberately thinking about nothing, sitting with God and I even started yoga. The best was being alone without dead lines and pressures. I was beginning to feel free again.

I soon began thinking about friends I had not talked to in a while.

I began thinking more clearly. I began sleeping better and not thinking about so many things at once with such a flood of urgency. My head didn’t hurt anymore.

I could say all this resembles life as being a pain in the neck, but mine was a pain in my head full of constant thoughts. I know many of you can relate!

The one big thing missing, was Me!
Come back Me!
I recommend trying this freedom from thoughts and visions to a place of being alone with yourself and God with your new found freedom. Welcome back your freedom!

It’s a wonderful place to be.
God made you, so you could be you!

Praise God and hallelujah my Sisters and Brothers in Christ!