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Codependency is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reliance one person has on another. It can happen between a mother and her child, a husband and his wife, among two friends or even between a person and an animal or inanimate object, such as a child and their blanket.

To help break the unhealthy bond between a person and their focus, Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching teaches you how to allow yourself to be who God created you to be, which also allows the other person to step into their spiritual destiny.

You will be given steps to help you reach a point where you can live freely and allow the other person to also live in freedom. We can help you gain a new sense of self and direction, with a new outlook on all aspects of your life. Call Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching, or fill out the contact sheet below, to start your healing journey today.

Conflict Resolution


Conflict is an inevitable facet of the human experience, an integral part of life's intricate tapestry. Yet, the manner in which we navigate these inevitable clashes holds paramount significance in shaping our overall well-being. When approached with wisdom and grace, conflict can catalyze profound growth, offering the fertile ground for blossoming understanding, stronger interpersonal connections, and heightened self-awareness.

We are dedicated to equipping you with a diverse toolkit, one that is brimming with effective strategies to gracefully maneuver through these trials. By fostering a foundation of mutual respect and profound understanding, we lay the groundwork for not just survival, but thriving amidst these challenges.

Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching is here for you. So when you're ready, take that step and reach out to us, as we walk together on this journey toward constructive emotional expression and lasting inner peace.

Marriage & Family


Marriage is based on trust and the ability to communicate with openness, while putting your spouse before your family and the world. Marriages thrive mostly when couples pray together, play together, make love together and help each other be who God created the other to be.

So many times couples come in with their sense of trust hindered. It is many times severed, but not without hope. This break of trust is not primarily due to adultery but that of breaking the trusted circle God has so ordained as in Genesis 2:24.
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

We equip our clients to a place of spiritual boldness and a way to live a married life with structures in place to fight off spiritual warfare. We are here to set proper tools in place to recover the beauty of marriage and family back to its rightful place.

What others have Experienced

Jeff W.

We have tried many counselors for helping with the loss of a son, marriage counseling, and parenting counseling. The greatest thing that ever happened was going to see Elizabeth Evans. She has helped with every issue we have ever had and help to make our family thrive, instead of just survive!

Heather L.

"When I started seeing Mrs. Elizabeth I was in an extremely dark place, and my marriage was in trouble. This wonderful woman has helped me realize I’m more than just a mom and a wife. She has helped me realize I am worth something. No matter what I say: she doesn’t make me feel judged or scared. She truly does give you a safe place to just let the true feelings and struggles out. And the prayer before and after session just adds to it, and makes me feel at peace! So grateful for this wonderful woman."

Tammy W.

"BI was apprehensive, I’d never been to ‘counseling’ but I was desperate. My husband and I were talking about divorce (we married in 1992)! Elizabeth taught us how to communicate and really see each other...and ourselves! Now that we’ve got the help...and with the Grace of God, our marriage is better then ever! I’m so thankful for Elizabeth and would recommend her to anyone!"

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