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Anger Management


Anger management is a process. Undertaking it can assist individuals in recognizing stress factors. We need to discover steps that help us stay calm or handle stress in a constructive and healthy way. After learning productive habits, we can then deal with strained scenarios through the use of constructive, positive methods.

The chief objective of anger management is to aid individuals in reducing anger. It decreases the emotional and physical stimulation that rage can trigger. It is not realistic to try to  prevent all interactions with people and settings that provoke tempers. But a person can find healthy ways to regulate responses and react in an appropriate manner.

The assistance of a mental health professional can be very valuable through this process and Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching is here for you. Managing anger is a life skill everyone should learn. So when you're ready, take that step and reach out to us, as we walk together on this journey toward constructive emotional expression and lasting inner peace.



Are you emotionally in pain? Mentally depressed? Spiritually stressed, but physically smiling? There is a way to overcome it, known to God who made you to lean on his every promise.

Our purpose is to lead individuals on a journey aligned with His blueprint for a life free from the grips of anxiety. Within His divine plan lies the provision of liberation from fretfulness and solace in His abiding presence. Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, a prevailing sense of serenity emerges.

At Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching we provide counseling and coaching rooted in scriptural wisdom. God's intention wasn't for you to stumble through life ensnared by anxiety; rather, you were fashioned to embrace love and partake in the splendor of His glory. Connect with us today and embark on the journey to mastering overwhelming feelings and anxiety, under His guiding light.



Are you emotionally overwhelmed? Burdened by sadness, and wanting to hide away from the world? Spiritually stressed, but physically smiling? There is a way through, illuminating a path towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Guided by compassion and empathy, we will help you unearth the roots of your struggles but also to create a safe space where you can openly express your feelings without fear of judgment.

As we journey together, you will be equipped with invaluable tools and practical steps tailored to your unique needs. These tools are designed to empower you to continue your path towards emotional well-being even outside of our counseling sessions. Our focus is not solely on dwelling in the past, but on embracing the present and future with renewed vigor and clarity.

Stress Management


Are you feeling the weight of responsibilities, and the ceaseless rush of modern life. Perhaps there is a a persistent feeling of being pulled in multiple directions all at oncel. The need for stress management counseling often arises from feelings of exhaustion, frustration, and a sense of being trapped within the whirlwind of your own thoughts. 

We are here to guide you. Through proven techniques and personalized strategies, you'll be equipped to seamlessly weave your newfound priorities into your routines. This isn't just about rearranging your to-do list; it's a spiritual transformation that infuses intentionality into every facet of your life.

Our collaborative effort isn't a mere corrective measure; it's a spiritual process of growth and refinement. Together, we help you sculpt a life enriched with purpose, where the efficient management of time is not just a skill, but a transformative way of being.



Codependency is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reliance one person has on another. It can happen between a mother and her child, a husband and his wife, among two friends or even between a person and an animal or inanimate object, such as a child and their blanket.

To help break the unhealthy bond between a person and their focus, Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching teaches you how to allow yourself to be who God created you to be, which also allows the other person to step into their spiritual destiny.

You will be given steps to help you reach a point where you can live freely and allow the other person to also live in freedom. We can help you gain a new sense of self and direction, with a new outlook on all aspects of your life. Call Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching, or fill out the contact sheet below, to start your healing journey today.

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Love my therapist. I always feel better after a visit with George. This isn't the first therapist I've had but didn't really enjoy my previous one

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"I have seen both George and Elizabeth. I highly recommend their services, both great therapists and very kind. I feel fortunate to have found them."

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"Beth has been such an integral part of our journey of healing and we would recommend her to anyone in need. We are grateful to have such a wonderful resource here in Gainesville!"

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