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Depressed? Come in and lets talk about it.

Is there something in your life bothering you or consuming your mind? This is a common problem we as humans have. We have so many events of life bombarding us from so many directions. We first become anxious about them and then we shut down into what we call a depressed mode of thinking.

This is not where God wants you to be. He cares so much for you and delights in your shining through Him. Sometimes we don’t realize we are bound up in something all consuming in our life and wonder what is wrong.

As we look at Genesis 22:2-19 we see God’s intervention in Abrahams life in a most powerful way. God in so many words said to Abraham “Now that you have given to me what has taken up so much space in your heart I know you fear and love me.”

Abraham gave his son in this case… there must be something you can release to God. It may be fear of the unknown, finances, family or so many other things. When you give it to God you will feel a burden lifted from your heart and you will keep the temple of your heart for the complete dominion of his Lord Jesus Christ.

In verse 15 God revealed a promise to Abraham… a promise of blessing him and for his descendants to be blessed. Ultimately he promised all of the nations would be blessed because of him. This blessing is for you too.

Finally be encouraged of God’s love for you and know when he has a dominion in the temple of your heart no family matter financial problem or anything else will bring you down. You will stand today in the loving arms of Jesus Christ as your savior!