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A Christian’s Guide to Dealing with Stress

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Despite the promises of numerous self-help books and articles, a stress-free life is a myth. In fact, it’s not even desirable. Our minds, like our muscles, grow stronger when we challenge them with a moderate amount of stress.

As a Christian, your goal is to keep stress from spiraling out of control and causing you to stray from God’s path. Here are the top stress management tips we recommend at our Gainesville counseling center.

Continue to Pray

When stress becomes overwhelming, it steals focus from your relationship with God. Regular prayer helps ease your mind so you can re-establish your priorities.

Surround Yourself with Support

Stress can cause you to withdraw from family and friends at times when you need them the most. Fellowship with others who share your values lets you know you’re not alone.

Reassess Your Responsibilities

Galatians 6 urges us to share our neighbor’s burdens to fulfill the wishes of Christ, but it also emphasizes that we can take pride in carrying our own load. Take a look at your activity list to see if you’re assuming too many outside responsibilities at the expense of your own.

Seek Help

Do you consider asking for help to be a sign of weakness? Pride is one of the biggest factors causing us to stray from God’s grace. Don’t be afraid to seek help when it’s needed.

Our Gainesville counseling center offers stress management strategies to incorporate in a Christian life. Contact us to schedule an appointment.