Avenues of Life

I Found You In My Darkness

 Christian Counseling

I feel the pain of those who are in darkness.

My heart cries out for those who are searching for you, my God, my father. In the midst of my darkness I found you, O’lord God, so why can’t they?

Why can’t they find you like I found you? Why are you hiding from them? Your face is hidden from them. They see nothing but Darkness.

I have seen the darkness, but now, I have seen you. When I sit with them, I experience their darkness. I cry out to you, Oh God, to end their darkness.

Yes, this, I cry out to you. They have no one to cry out to. They cannot see you, they cannot hear you and they cannot feel you. Once perhaps you were in their life; they experienced you, but now, they know not of you O’ God.

I pray for their darkness to turn to Light. Amen!

Do you ever feel like you are in the wilderness… sad and alone? I understand, I have been there too. Let me share with you about someone who needed encouragement, much like you and I. Her name is Hagar. She was not selected to be Abram’s wife, but his mistress, with intent to give he and barren Sarai a baby.

It worked and everybody was happy, until Sarai was offended by Hagar who looked at her with contempt. Sarai spoke harshly to Hagar, who then ran out to the wilderness to escape her fury. She was out in the desert with no hope and all alone (Genesis 16:5-10).

I tell you now, there was no assurance of water, food or life in the wilderness. No, no, as she stopped for a rest along the way, she put her baby down and could not bear to watch him die. She was all alone, out of water and with no hope. Sometimes we feel like we will never be heard, never be found and never understood.

Then, in verse 7, it says, “The angel of the Lord found Hagar.” He spoke to her in her wilderness and loneliness.(Genesis 16:7).

I tell you today my sister in Christ, God will find you no matter where you are in your darkness or wilderness.

Praise God!

Thank you Jesus, Praise God, and Hallelujah!