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Tips on How to Select a Christian Counselor

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We all need a helping hand at one time or another. If you’re struggling with serious issues and considering assistance from Gainesville counseling services, the experience will be more meaningful if the counselor shares your values. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting a Christian counselor.

Do Your Due Diligence

Sometimes the term “Christian counselor” is used more as a marketing ploy than as a sincere description. Don’t take such declarations at face value.

Consider Qualifications

Not everyone who practices counseling is a licensed professional. Lay and pastoral counselors are available and can often be found through your church. Think carefully about which type of counselor would best serve your needs. The choice between a male and female counselor may also be relevant to your situation.

Seek Recommendations

Previous and current clients can give valuable insight into a particular counselor’s style and approach without getting into confidential details.

Ask Questions

• Do they belong to a particular church? What is their specific involvement?

• Is prayer part of their counseling methods? If so, do they actually pray along with clients?

• How do they integrate Biblical concepts into counseling?

• What is their stand on abortion, divorce, disciplining children and any other moral or ethical matters of importance to you?

Staff members of our Christian-based Gainesville counseling services have experience guiding people in a wide range of life issues including conflict resolution, anger management, depression and time management for both individuals and couples. Contact us today for more information.