Avenues of Life


 Christian Counseling

“Habit is overcome by habit”

~Thomas Kempis

Anger may be a habit for some of us. Our feelings of anger are manifested by a certain trigger. This trigger, whether it be traffic or our child coming home pregnant. There are many triggers and each of us has them. The catch is knowing when to stop the anger process. This is important, however right now let’s talk about how we interpret our trigger. This interpretation of the trigger is what sets the “pot a boiling” if you will. It is here also, where the water can be cooled or we can take time out.

When we see some of the good points of the situation at hand we can go on with a positive attitude. As with the pregnant child coming home, we see the life of a new child. As with the traffic, the realization of your arriving home safely is paramount.

With our life long beliefs setting the stage of how things should be we create habits, which become automatic. When all things are considered, anger can be made into a new habit, a habit of love and understanding. This way we develop healthy interpretations.

Without logical and healthy interpretation, anger festers sending us in a mode of uncontrollability.

Take time outs, relax and deep breath! Most of all, be open to a different way of thinking in order to see change in habits and anger.