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Strengthen Your Marriage with Loving Mindfulness

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The Beatles once sang that all you need is love, but when it comes to marriage it’s not quite that simple. Like all worthwhile goals, a happy and successful marriage needs to be nurtured with commitment, effort and consideration.

Have you and your spouse found that your relationship has grown stale? No matter how long you’ve been married, these tips will help you maintain a state of loving mindfulness that will continue to enrich your marriage.

Seek Role Models

There’s no deep, dark secret to a happy marriage. Couples have enjoyed vibrant and fulfilling unions since the days of the wedding at Cana. Surround yourself with couples who share your values and model the principles of a healthy marriage.

Put Your Spouse First

Do you blame the pressures of work and other commitments for lack of quality time with your spouse? Make your marriage the top priority in your life.

Change Routine Behavior

Bad habits can become so ingrained that they’re automatic. If your arguments follow a predictable script, try changing the actions that trigger them. You might surprise yourself with the results!


God was there to bless your union on your wedding day, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that He remains with you every day thereafter. Pray for yourself and your spouse to ask for guidance along your mutual journey.

Get Counseling

We all need a helping hand at one time or another. An objective third party can help keep the lines of communication open.