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Rebuilding a Godly Marriage After the Trust Has Been Broken

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Throughout the Bible, God urges us to practice forgiveness of our fellow man. The Lord’s Prayer speaks of “as we forgive those who trespass against us.” But how do you forgive a spouse when trust has been broken?

Our Gainesville marriage counseling staff explains the true meaning of forgiveness and how you can rebuild a Godly marriage.

What Is True Biblical Forgiveness?

Do you believe forgiveness requires you to immediately wipe the slate clean? Many people mistakenly think they aren’t capable of forgiving because they can’t forget a betrayal or turn trust back on like a light switch.

“Forgive and forget” is a glib and misleading cliche. True biblical forgiveness involves:

-Releasing unhealthy anger, which manifests itself as bitterness, revenge and other negative emotions or behaviors

-Reserving judgment for God

-Working with your partner to uncover the cause of broken trust and ways to resolve it

-Taking the time and making the effort to rebuild the relationship

When You Are the Offending Partner

Forgiveness is just the first step in rebuilding trust. If you are the one who has broken the trust, your relationship can’t begin healing until you accept responsibility without assigning blame or justifying your actions. When you make a commitment to join your spouse in Christian counseling, it signals your willingness to put in the work repairing the damage and changing your behavior.

Do you and your spouse need help restoring the bonds of a trusting relationship? Contact our Gainesville marriage counseling center to schedule an appointment.